How to automatically cut fresh or dry garlic root and leaf ?

Brief introduction of Shuliy garlic machine

In the harvesting season of garlic, most of the garlic farmers will be very busy for garlic harvesting, garlic root cutting, garlic peeling, garlic separating, garlic grinding and garlic slicing and drying. The whole processing craft of garlic has a great effect on the profits of these garlic farmers. Therefore, to purchase the garlic machines with high quality and high efficiency is very important for good production of garlic.

Our Shuliy machinery has manufactured all kinds of garlic processing machine with different models to support the garlic farmers’ work. We are the professional manufacturer in garlic machines and we can provide the free service for helping the farmers to choose and even customize the machines according to the size of their land and the requirements of the output. The machine we sold has saved much time for harvesting garlic and garlic processing and greatly increased the profits of the farmers.

Automatic garlic root cutting machine for sale

Garlic Root Cutting Machine Description:

Shuliy garlic root cutting machine is used to cut the garlic root, which can cut the garlic root into flat. It also can cut the garlic stem and garlic leaf at the same time. The garlic root cutter machine is used for cutting fresh or dry garlic’s root. It has the main functions of automatic feeding and automatic cutting roots. Automatic stainless steel garlic leaf and root cutting machine is special designed for cutting the leaf and root of fresh garlic and sun dried garlic. But you need to put the garlic into the machine by hand, one by one, it’s very suitable for field working.

No damage of the garlic and can remove the stem and leaf is main features of garlic cutting machine, which is special designed for cutting garlic stem and root. It’s very suitable for field working with easy operation and high efficiency. The depth of cutting can be adjusted automatically according to the different size of garlic. If experienced worker to operate this machine, hourly capacity can reach up 1000kg. Besides, we also have large capacity garlic processing line to process the garlic.

Advantage of high efficiency garlic root cutter:

  1. Automatic separate the garlic and garlic cutting processing.
  2. Small in size, low demands on workshop.

3.Easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Rational construction and easy to operate.

5.None damage to the garlic, 95% integrity.

Garlic root cutting machine is constantly innovating

Because garlic has a unique health care function, with the improvement of living standards, the deep processing of garlic has become an industry. In the early stage of deep processing of garlic, the root of the garlic should be removed. In recent years, although several garlic root-cutting machines have been put into the market and basically realized mechanized operation, they have not fully realized the automatic operation. It is also necessary to manually place and place the garlic on the material cup. The labor intensity of the workers is still very large. , affecting the cutting efficiency.

In order to make up for the deficiencies of the prior art, the garlic root-cutting machine provides a garlic root-cutting machine which can realize automatic cutting of garlic roots and high work efficiency without manual operation.

A fully automatic garlic root cutting machine, comprising a frame, an automatic feeding device, a motor, a sprocket strip conveying mechanism, and a cutting root chamber located at a rear end of the sprocket chain transmission mechanism, characterized in that: the sprocket chain transmission mechanism The upper part of the conveying mechanism is provided with a conveying mechanism. The garlic shaking platform is provided with an adjusting platform and a branching device, and the other end of the conveying mechanism is provided with guiding means.