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Because garlic has a unique health care function, with the improvement of living standards, the deep processing of garlic has become an industry. In the early stage of deep processing of garlic, the root of the garlic should be removed. In recent years, although several garlic root-cutting machines have been put into the market and basically realized mechanized operation, they have not fully realized the automatic operation. It is also necessary to manually place and place the garlic on the material cup. The labor intensity of the workers is still very large. , affecting the cutting efficiency.

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Garlic 921

In order to make up for the deficiencies of the prior art, the garlic root-cutting machine provides a garlic root-cutting machine which can realize automatic cutting of garlic roots and high work efficiency without manual operation.

A fully automatic garlic root cutting machine, comprising a frame, an automatic feeding device, a motor, a sprocket strip conveying mechanism, and a cutting root chamber located at a rear end of the sprocket chain transmission mechanism, characterized in that: the sprocket chain transmission mechanism The upper part of the conveying mechanism is provided with a conveying mechanism. The garlic shaking platform is provided with an adjusting platform and a branching device, and the other end of the conveying mechanism is provided with guiding means.