garlic slicer machine

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garlic slicer machine1
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Garlic slicer machine, can put the Chinese yam, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato,radish banana lemon fresh taproot system product processing into slices. Rotary cutting tool, tools a section of good quality, product thickness and uniform size, sections of fresh, without destroying the fibrous tissue.

The machine has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, sanitation, safety and high efficiency.

Brief introduction:

1.The main frame, rotary cutter, transmissions parts, motor, discharge, such as the composition of the raw material, suitable for medium size, a long strip of cylindrical materials for slicing. Garlic slicer machine is made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, with high strength, good corrosion resistance and long service life. It is in line with the national food industry standards.

2.Garlic slicer machine is suitable for yu lianou, yam, carrot, banana and other fresh products’ processed into pieces.

3.Simple structure, durable, easy maintenance, product smooth, slice thickness adjustable products.


Model Power Voltage Weight Capacity
TZ-300 0.75kw 220v 70kg 300kg/h