Garlic clove separating machine is designed to efficiently separate garlic bulbs into garlic cloves with no damage. The garlic clove separating rate reaches as high as 98%. The machine uses standard soft rollers to simulate the action of hand peeling, without damage to the garlic cloves. The garlic separating machine is suitable for garlic of different sizes. In contrast, the traditional process is to manually break garlic seeds, which is slow and inefficient, and the broken garlic cloves will emit water after a long time of storage. The garlic bulb breaker machine is a professional solution for the drawbacks of traditional methods. The garlic splitter machine is a great helper for practitioners in garlic farming, garlic processing organizations, restaurants, canteens, etc.

Garlic separator video

Advantages of garlic clove separating machine

  • High splitting rate: The garlic separating ratio is above 98%.
  • High production efficiency. The output of the machine can reach up to 1500kg/h.
  • Hygienic and durable material: full stainless steel and durable
  • Easy to operate and easy to maintain and clean, with a low failure rate.
  • Energy-saving and labor-saving.
  • Space-saving. The appearance of the equipment is exquisite, the internal structure is compact, and the coving area is small and easy to use.
  • Environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution to the environment, and no waste of raw materials.
garlic cloves
garlic cloves

Garlic bulb breaker parameter

Garlic separator machine uses high stripping disc rubber and soft roller on pure manual imitation of action. The gap of the roller is adjustable according to the size of the garlic bulbs. Then, the rollers squeeze a whole garlic bulb softly and split the cloves with no damage to the garlic. The built-in fan of the garlic clove separating machine is used to blow off the excess garlic skin after peeling, which provides convenience for subsequent peeling work.

Garlic separating machine working principle


Apart from SL-400, and SL-800, we also supply other machine models with different outputs for options. The model of the garlic clove separating machine is named after the productivity of the machine. If customers have special demands, we are able to provide tailored services.

garlic separating machines
garlic separating machines

A garlic separator machine can be combined with a garlic peeling machine, a garlic slicer, and others to form a garlic peeling processing line. Our company can provide tailor-made products and services according to the different needs of customers.