Stainless steel garlic drying oven

 Brief introduction:

Garlic drying oven applies a low-noise and high temperature-proof axial flow blower and an automatic temperature control system which is fully sealed, making that the heat efficiency of the drying oven increases from 3-7% of traditional oven to 35-45% of the present one. The highest heat efficiency can reach 50%.

Main Features:

1.Most of hot air inside the loop,high thermal efficiency,energy conservation
2.The use of forced ventilation box with adjustable air divider plate, uniform drying,heat source can be steam, oil, electricity,       hot water,far infrared and so on
3.Small machine noise,running balance,temperature automatically controlled,easy installation and maintenance
4.Applicable to a wide range,can be used for drying various materials and is a versatile drying equipment


Product Application:

Widely used in pharmacy,chemical,food,light industry,heavy industry materials and products,such as raw material medicine, medicine,Chinese Herbal Medicine, powders, granules,pill bottles,pigments,dyes, dehydrated vegetables,dried fruit,sausages,plastic resin,electric elements,drying varnish and so on.

 Garlic drying oven, using column tube type three return smokeless stove, by high temperature and high humidity axial flow fan blowing hot air directly tunnel material, material on the layers of the skip of each layer on the tray, materials from the end of the tunnel into the tunnel, discharge from one side of tunnel near the stove, a car is dry, wet material, the other end into a car do intermittent drying cycles



Hot air circulating electric oven is suitable for heating and dehumidifying raw materials and products for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light industry and heavy industry.

For example, active pharmaceutical ingredients, Chinese medicine, powder, granule, crude drug, drug packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, dehydration vegetable, food, plastic resin, electric elements, salt, paper, leather, wool, catalyst materials dry.


The main parameters of the machine:

Model Plate Motor Area of the Productivity Dimension
number plates (m)
SLY-1 24 9kw 7.1 m² 60kg/batch 1.5*1.2*1.98
SLY-2 48 15kw 14.1 m² 120kg/batch 2.45*1.2*1.98
SLY-4 96 30kw 28.3 m² 240kg/batch 2.45*2.2*1.98
SLY-6 144 45kw 42.4 m² 360kg/batch 3.6*2.2*1.98
SLY-8 192 60kw 56.5 m² 480kg/batch 4.6*2.2*1.98