Introduction of garlic drying machine:

This garlic drying machine is widely used for vegetable, meat, snack food and aquatic products. It can dry off the water on the vegetable by using vibrate force.


garlic dehydration machine3
garlic dehydration machine2
garlic dehydration machine1


The garlic drying machine can effectively remove water droplets on the surface of materials, greatly shorten the working time of labeling and packing, and is suitable for assembly line operation to improve the degree of production automation of enterprises. The dry air is at room temperature, which can effectively protect the color and quality of the material itself.

Parameters of the garlic drying machine:

Model Motor
Air Blower
Weight Capacity
TZ2000 0.75kw 0.75kw*4PCS 2000x1270x1450mm 200kgs 500kgs/h
TZ3000 0.75kw 0.75kw*8PCS 3000x1270x1450mm 400kgs 800kgs/h
TZ4000 0.75kw 0.75kw *12PCS 4000x1270x1450mm 600kgs 1000kgs/h
TZ5000 0.75kw 0.75kw *16PCS 5000x1270x1450mm 900kgs 2000kgs/h
TZ6000 1.5kw 0.75kw *20PCS 6000x1270x1450mm 1200kgs 3000kgs/h
TZ8000 1.5kw 0.75kw *28PCS 8000x1270x1450mm 1400kgs 4000kgs/h
TZ10000 1.5kw 0.75kw *36PCS 10000x1270x1450mm 1600kgs 5000kgs/h
TZ12000 1.5kw 0.75kw *40PCS 12000x1270x1450mm 1800kgs 6000kgs/h