Garlic harvesting machine is a walk-behind garlic harvester. The whole machine consists of a hand-held frame, a diesel engine, a garlic harvester, and other parts. This hand-held garlic harvester has high efficiency and can reach up to 15 mu per hour, which is a good helper to help harvest garlic. Also, the manual garlic harvesting machine also has the characteristics of compact structure, light and flexible operation, reliable use, etc.

Manaul garlic harvesting machine helps free up labor

For a long time, crops were harvested by hand. Harvesting crops by hand is labor-intensive and inefficient. In the entire crop production process, the labor in the harvesting process accounts for more than 1/3 of the whole process. The emergence and use of garlic harvester liberate human hands, improve harvesting efficiency, and has epoch-making significance for crop harvesting.

garlic harvesting machine helps save labor
garlic harvesting machine helps save labor

Main Features of garlic harvester

  • Excellent performance, good appearance, best quality;
  • High-working efficiency, lower breakage rate;
  • Light & quick running without vibration, no jamming;
  • Simple structure, has a long useful life.
  • It has good performance and high efficiency.
  • Garlic harvester machine has advantages of high harvesting efficiency, no damage to the skin, harvesting with the seedlings, brisk operation, no vibration, no grass clogging, fast soil leakage, simple structure, long service life, etc.
  • It mainly used for harvesting potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots, peanuts and other underground rhizome crops.
hand garlic harvester
hand garlic harvester

Advantages of garlic harvester machine

Garlic harvester machine for sale has the merits of high efficiency, lower breakage, running fast without trembling, and no blocking by the grasses. Moreover, the Single-row potato harvester machine structure is simple the operation lifetime is long, etc.

garlic harvester machine working scene
garlic harvester machine working scene

 Garlic harvesting machine parameters

linesinglesinglesingledoubledoubleCombined self-loader
line spacing (cm)55-8050-6055-8055-8055-8055-80
Capacity (mu/hr)1-33-55-88-15
Power (hp)22-358-1522-3550-8050-8070-120  
Working depth (cm)252025252525  
Working width(m)0.650.600.601.651.651.65  
Ming agency rate(%)≥96
Rate of broken skin(%)≤2
Power output shaft speed(rpm)560/12501000560/1250560560560  
Machine size (cm)180*100*9890*70*70120*100*75230*220*100280*220*100330*390*310  
Packing size(cm)165*85*4585*70*65150*90*70220*190*45220*190*45260*22