Garlic paste making machine
Garlic paste making machine

The garlic paste making machine uses multiple pairs of knife sets to quickly cut and smash. It can mash a variety of fruits and vegetables into mashed juice, such as ginger, garlic, onion, and other vegetables. This machine adopts 304 stainless steel, is rust-proof, wear-resistant, durable, and conforms to food hygiene. Simple operation and long service life. It is suitable for use in the catering industry, hotels, canteens, food processing plants, and other units.

Advantages of the garlic paste making machine

  • This machine is a very easy-to-operate machine. It has always been the most popular product in food deep processing. It has many advantages and is loved by customers.
  • This machine is simple to operate, without complicated procedures.
  • The garlic paste making machine’s capacity is 300kg to 500kg per hour, which can easily meet the needs of customers.
  • Its body uses stainless steel, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and has a long service life.
  • It can process many kinds of vegetables such as garlic, ginger, tomatoes, potatoes, etc., with excellent effect.

Application of the ginger garlic paste machinery

TThis ginger garlic paste machinery can cut vegetables and fruits into a very thin pulp. It is suitable for the processing of garlic, ginger, chili sauce, tomato sauce, jam, and other foods. The thickness of the vegetable puree can be adjusted according to the needs of the product, which is suitable for the deep processing of fruits and vegetables. This garlic paste equipment can be widely used in food processing enterprises such as chili sauce factories.

vegetable and fruit paste
vegetable and fruit paste

Parameters of the garlic paste making machine

TypeVoltage (V)Power (W)SizeCapacity (KG/H)