The garlic root stem cutting machine is used for cutting fresh garlic’s neck and root. It can feed the garlic and cut the roots automatically. The cutting depth of this garlic root removing machine will be adjusted automatically according to the garlic with different sizes. After cutting, garlic will be smoother. It operates very easily and has high efficiency.

Garlic root cutting machine working principle

This garlic root cutting machine automatically feeds the garlic roots, automatically cuts the roots and removes the seedlings, automatically puts the cut garlic into the bag, and cuts it cleanly, and the cutting speed is fast and the effect is good.

garlic root cutting machine manufacturer
garlic root cutting machine manufacturer

Garlic root stem cutting machine features

This garlic root removing machine is light and easy to move. It also has the features of electric saving and high efficiency. Which can improve efficiency. It can cut 4000-6000 garlic per hour.

garlic root stem cutting machine details
garlic root stem cutting machine details

Garlic stem cutter specification


The whole machine is simple in structure and small in size and can be moved to the field for work at any time. Garlic root cutting machine can process 4000~6000 heads of garlic per hour.