Garlic peeling production line | Garlic processing machine

1000kg garlic peeling production line

The garlic peeling production line is very practical for food processors, which mainly includes garlic separator machines, chain-type peeling machines, washing machines, garlic color sorting machines and garlic screening machines. Processed garlic has a higher economic value. This production line can separate a ton of fresh garlic, and the final products are complete and clean … Read more

Chain-type peeling machine | Commercial garlic peeler

Chain type garlic peeler

Introduction of chain-type peeling machine The chain-type garlic peeling machine is powered by compressed air and adopts a bin-type peeling structure. A cyclone airflow is installed above the peeling bin. The garlic peeling enters the bin through the chain to realize the separation in the peeling garlic peel bin. Characteristics of chain-type peeling machine The … Read more