garlic slicer
garlic slicer

This garlic slicer machine is easy to operate and has high output. The thickness of the cut garlic slices is uniform and smooth. The thickness of the garlic slices can be adjusted at will without breaking. At the same time, it can be used for the processing of solid vegetables such as ginger slices, onion slices, potato slices, and taro slices.

Advantages of the electric garlic slicer machine

  • This machine is good at slicing fruits and vegetables. It can easily process potatoes, lotus roots, apples, pears, radishes, cucumbers, taro slices and other stem and root fruits or vegetables.
  • The products cut by this garlic slicer are neat in size, even in thickness, and the finished product rate is 99%, which can meet the processing needs of export products.
  • The garlic slicing equipment structure is reasonable, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is convenient. It is a new ideal equipment for food export processing companies, freezing companies, vegetable processing companies, pickling companies, and processing fruits and vegetables.
  • The machine is highly efficient and easy to use. It is dozens of times the manual efficiency, which perfectly replaces the low-efficiency manual work.

Application of the garlic slicing machine

This machine can cut garlic into slThis garlic slicing machine can cut garlic into slices. It also can cut gingers, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, potatoes, taros, cucumbers and bamboo shoots, and other solid vegetables. Therefore, it is professional fruit and vegetable slice equipment.

Vegetable slices
Vegetable slices

Working principle

The machine mainly includes a frame, a rotating cutter head, a transmission part, and a feeding hopper. Through centrifugal force, the material is cut by the rotating cutter head.

Features of the commercial garlic slicer machine

  • Professional stainless steel blades protect the vegetables without fragments or cracks.
  • Thickness can be adjusted, slicing and shredding can be switched at will.
  • The machine can be rinsed wholly , it’s very convenient and clean.
  • The garlic slicing machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, low energy consumption, safety and high efficiency.

Parameters of the garlic onion slicer

TypePower VoltageSizeWeightOutlet

Garlic slicing machine working video

garlic slicer video

Why garlic slicing is so important?

Garlic is an indispensable seasoning ingredient in people’s lives and has a broad market prospect. However, when everyone saw that the market for garlic was good and everyone was rushing to plant garlic, they found that the price of garlic went down. In fact, not only garlic, but many agricultural products are like this, because agricultural products are all primary products with low added value. But if garlic is subjected to some deep processing, such as peeling, slicing, drying, and grinding, the economic value of garlic will be greatly improved.

The deep processing of garlic

By investing a lot of manpower and material resources, Shuli Machinery has conducted in-depth market research and found a new type of garlic processing production line, which has brought huge profits to garlic processors and won unanimous praise from customers.

This garlic peeling processing line mainly includes a garlic peeling machine, washing machine, color picking machine. Some garlic processors may need a garlic slicer in order to facilitate the next step of processing.