Garlic root concave cutting machine

Garlic root concave cutting machine(double belts)
The Garlic root concave cutting machine is used for cutting fresh and dry garlic’s  root. It can feed the garlic by  the conveyor. The cutting depth of this Garlic root concave cutting machine will be adjusted automatically according to the garlic with different sizes. After cutting, garlic will be smoother. It operates very easy and has high efficiency.

Working principle:

This Garlic root concave cutting machine is configured with circular knife with high cutting speed. The blades will not produce fever and without any damage to the garlic. After cutting, the garlic root will be concave circular arc. The root will be more clearly and the efficiency is high.


  1. You can control the cutting depth freely by adjusting the dial with this garlic root concave cutting machine.
  2. This machine has “Automatic Recognition Function”, which could automatically adjust knife according to garlic size. If you set up cutting depth with 0.2 cm, all of different sizes garlic will be cut down 0.2 cm.



Dimension L*W*H 2250*800*1320mm
Packing size 2300*850*1470mm
Packing Weight 185KG
Voltages single phase 220V/380V
Cutters 2 pieces
Capacity 400-500Kg/H
Air supply 0.4Mpa 2 cube meter per min.
Material Stainless steel 304.


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