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Commercial garlic bulb breaker machine is the special equipment for splitting dried garlic bulbs into cloves. The machine adopts food grade rubber roller for imitating manual clove splitting. It utilizes the difference in rotational speed of the machine to rub the dried garlic bulbs apart to achieve the effect of dividing the cloves.

So, will the garlic cloves be damaged during the process of peeling batch cloves of garlic? Can different sizes of garlic bulbs all be divided by the same garlic clove splitter machine? The answer given by the Taizy factory is that there will be no damage to garlic cloves, and one machine can quickly divide different sizes of garlic.

electric garlic cloves separator of Taizy
electric garlic cloves separator of Taizy

Understanding the mechanism of garlic bulb breaker machine

The garlic clove separator machines operate on a simple yet effective principle. The garlic bulbs are fed into the machine, where a precisely calibrated mechanism gently separates the cloves. The design is meticulous, ensuring minimal damage to the cloves during the process.

One significant advantage of a quality garlic bulb breaker is its ability to handle garlic of different sizes without causing harm. The adjustable settings allow for customization, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of the garlic bulb’s dimensions. This adaptability is crucial, especially considering the natural variation in garlic sizes.

complete garlic processing line
complete garlic processing line

Why choose Taizy’s garlic bulb breaker machine?

Taizy’s garlic bulb breaker machine has garnered praise globally. Customers from various countries have embraced this technology for its efficiency and reliability.

  • Global Clientele: Our clientele spans across countries, including France, Italy, India, Russia, Spain, Canada, Egypt, Korea, Argentina. The machine’s adaptability to different garlic varieties has made it a sought-after choice worldwide.
  • Performance Assurance: Users report exceptional results in terms of efficiency and output quality. The machine consistently delivers intact garlic cloves, meeting the expectations of garlic processors and farmers alike.
  • Stock Availability: Concerned about availability? Taizy ensures a ready stock of garlic bulb breaker machines to meet the rising demands. We understand the importance of timely deliveries in your production cycle.
  • Prompt Dispatch: Wondering about delivery times? Taizy takes pride in swift dispatches, ensuring that your garlic processing operations face minimal downtime.
Taizy's garlic bulb breaker machines in stock
Taizy’s garlic bulb breaker machines in stock

In conclusion, the garlic bulb breaker machine from Taizy emerges not just as a solution for garlic processing but as a testament to innovation and customer satisfaction. Its ability to handle garlic cloves of different sizes positions it as a valuable asset for businesses across the globe.

Embrace efficiency, and preserve garlic integrity — choose Taizy’s Garlic Bulb Breaker Machine.