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Garlic and onions are common and beloved condiments, and they also have medicinal properties. Fresh garlic and onions cannot be stored for a long time. In order to keep them for a long time, the most common way is to slice them and store them dehydrated. Dehydrated garlic and onions still have their original flavor. And dried garlic flakes and onion flakes can also be processed into the powder. Drying is the main way of processing garlic and onions, and it needs to be dried with a professional onion garlic dehydration plant, the most common ones being a belt dryer machine and heat pump dryer machine.

Type 1: Garlic garlic flake belt drying machine

This kind of onion garlic dehydration plant is a large continuous garlic drying machine with high automation and large output. When using the machine, people only need to put the materials into the feeding port, and the materials are evenly sent into the inside of the drying main machine through the feeding conveyor. Under the transmission of a multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt, the materials are cyclically turned over, and the mesh belt dryer conveys the materials out after drying is completed.

Unique features of tunnel conveyor drying machine

  • Continuous dehydration with high production efficiency and drying output is more commonly applied in the vegetable processing industry.
  • The multi-layer belt structure can allow the materials to be dried automatically and evenly.
  • The dried garlic and onion have bright colors and a low breakage rate.
  • The output ranges from several tons to tens of tons.
garlic belt dryer machine
garlic belt dryer machine

Type 2: Hot air garlic flake dryer

The air energy heat pump garlic slice dryer belongs to segment drying. The drying host provides heat, and under the action of the circulating fan, the materials inside the dryer are dried. People need to spread the peppers flat on the tray, and the thickness of the spread is about 3-5cm. The garlic dehydration machine uses the PLC intelligent control system, and the drying parameters can be set to realize automatic drying.

The hot air generated by the heat source will not pollute the raw materials, retain the original fragrance and breath of the raw materials, and is controlled by a PLC intelligent computer control system, which is simple and convenient to operate, saving time and effort.

Characteristics of onion garlic dehydration plant

The industrial garlic drying oven adopts stainless steel design, simple structure, and reasonable design. The heat source is mainly electricity, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The drying output is about 60-480kg per hour. It is suitable for medium or small output material drying.

Typical models of hot air garlic dryer machine

NO.Product nameMODEL
1Small dryer (6 layers)SL-100
2Small dryer (8 layers)SL-100
3New dryer (10 layers)SL-145
4New dryer (15 layers)SL-145
5New dryer (10 layers)SL-169
6New dryer (15 layers)SL-169
7New dryer (20 layers)SL-169

How to choose a suitable onion garlic dehydration plant with better effect?

Whether it is a tunnel conveyor drying machine or heat pump dryer type, it is not affected by the weather, and during the drying process, just set the corresponding drying process according to different material characteristics, which saves time and labor, and the dried material has good color and quality, and high uniformity, which is favored by the market. The two types of drying machines have different characteristics and their outputs and operation are different. The machine selection can be based on the customer’s specific demand.

The drying effect is not only related to the quality of the material itself but also the drying equipment and drying process are also important factors that directly affect the drying effect. It is necessary to choose a professional onion garlic dehydration plant with good performance. If you have questions about drying equipment, please contact us.