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It is very necessary to separate the garlic bulbs before planting them. Quick splitting of garlic helps to increase the efficiency of garlic cultivation.

small garlic splitting machine for sale
small garlic splitting machine for sale

Steps for garlic splitting for planting

If you’re planning to grow garlic in your garden, one of the first steps is separating the cloves. This can be a bit tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to separate garlic cloves for planting.

Choose the Right Garlic Bulbs

The first step is to choose the right garlic bulbs. You want to select bulbs that are firm and plump, with no signs of damage or mold. If you’re purchasing garlic bulbs from a store, look for ones that are labeled for planting. These are typically larger and have more cloves than culinary garlic.

Gently Break Apart the Garlic Bulb

Once you have your garlic bulbs, gently break them apart by hand or with the garlic splitting machines. You want to separate the cloves, but be careful not to damage them. If the cloves are difficult to separate, try gently twisting the bulb to loosen them.

Remove the Outer Skin

After separating the cloves, you’ll need to remove the outer skin. You can do this by gently rubbing the cloves between your fingers or using a small knife to peel off the skin. Be careful not to damage the clove itself.

Plant the Cloves

Once you’ve separated and peeled the cloves, you’re ready to plant them. Dig a small hole, about 2 inches deep, and place the clove in the hole, pointed end up. Cover with soil and water well.

How to split garlic quickly?

Manual separation of garlic cloves is the most basic method, requiring the entire garlic clove to be broken apart into individual cloves by hand. This method is only suitable for individual home growing and processing but is less efficient for large-scale production.

The garlic splitting machine can be used to quickly split the cloves. A garlic splitter is a machine specifically designed to separate garlic cloves into cloves quickly, improving the efficiency and quality of garlic production.

complete garlic cloves processing machines
complete garlic cloves processing machines

Garlic clove separator generally consists of a feeding device, clove separating device, and discharging device. The feeding device feeds the whole head of garlic into the machine, the splitting device divides the head of garlic into cloves by mechanical force, and the discharging device collects the separated garlic cloves.

Using a garlic clove splitting machine can avoid the tedious work of manual garlic splitting, improve production efficiency and ensure the quality and hygiene of the products.