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  1. The importance of daily maintenance of garlic harvester:

The properly working of a mechanical equipment depends on the properly working of motor. So motor maintenance is also very important. People always pay less attention to maintenance or do not know how to maintain. So when the motor problems occurs, the motor has to be repaired, which cost us much of money, and also will delay the work procedure. Therefore, we should consider machine’s maintenance as a big deal.

  1. How to maintain the garlic harvester

Keep the motor clean and free of dust; check the appearance of the motor frequently to see if there are mis-placing parts; check the bearing often for replacement or refueling, and also check the inlet connector lug.

If you want to maintain the motor more intensively, daily maintenance is very important during the case of continuous operation: when the motor works, pay attention to the working environment, do not place it in a state too bumpy, in case of the motor damage occurs or to reduce the service life. Also for appearance inspection, check whether the fan is working correctly or not, whether there are abnormal vibration, reliable coupling connection, base fixed fastened, bearing working is normal (by listening), the temperature is normal (use infrared thermometer), electrical current is normal (use clamp type current meter), check the carbon brush and slip ring of wound-type rotor motor. If something abnormal occurs, carry out the motor maintenance treatment, otherwise immediately, or when the situation becomes serious, you would not be able to deal with it.

The above two aspects are simple introduction of the garlic harvester maintenance significance, maintenance methods.