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In order to facilitate the operation of the restaurant, a customer from South Africa purchased a garlic peeling machine and a garlic splitter. The two machines first divide the garlic and then peel it. This garlic peeler is a dry peeler. The whole peeling process does not use water and does not damage the garlic.

Why use a machine to peel garlic?

Garlic is a food that is often eaten on our table. Garlic is often eaten by peeling off the skin of the garlic. While peeling garlic by hand is not only slow but also may damage the garlic in the process of peeling the garlic. Especially for restaurants, garlic processing plants, which process large quantities of garlic. If you simply use hand peeling, the efficiency is very low. The emergence of automated garlic peeling machines solves this problem. Just put the garlic into the mouth of the machine, and the machine can automatically peel the skin.

South Africa garlic peeling machine order

Garlic splitting machine 
shuliy garlic splitter machine
Voltage:220V60hz single phase
Garlic peeling machine
garlic peeling machine exported to South Africa
Voltage:220V60hz single phase

This South African client runs a restaurant and decides to buy a garlic peeling machine for the convenience of peeling garlic. Before the garlic peels, the whole clove of garlic needs to be broken. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency, he purchased a garlic clove machine and a garlic peeling machine. These two machines are usually used together, and they are also the garlic machines that many customers buy regularly.

Two types of garlic peeling machines

Shuliy offers two types of garlic peelers. One is a small garlic peeler exported to South Africa. It is produced in low yields and requires manual feeding by humans. The other is the chainplate type automatic peeling machine. This garlic peeling machine can realize automatic feeding and continuous peeling.

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