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On September 9th, after a week’s field visit and communication, the customer from Vietnam bought five garlic slicers. The Vietnamese customer was very careful, and after the field visit to the factory, he paid a down pay to order five garlic slicers. Our garlic slicers are reliable in quality and convenient in operation. Here are owner manual of the garlic slicer:

  1. Operate the garlic slicer according to the operation manual, and operate safely.
  2. Base of garlic slicer must be stable. With stable base position, the cutting speed and quality will not be influened and the machine will not easily fail during operation.
  3. In daily use, the operator should clean the garlic slicer accordingly and use professional cleaner to ensure that the slicer will not be corroded, and also ensure the normal operation and its blade functioning regularly.
  4.  Apply high-quality and matching parts, grease and lubricants to block off the sources of harmful impurities.

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