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A garlic peeling machine is a new-design high-efficiency peeling machine. Garlic cloves can be peeled with this equipment without soaking in water. Adopting advanced technology, our company has developed this new type of garlic clove peeling machine, which solves the shortcomings of traditional garlic peeling. The garlic peeling machine uses compressed air for peeling. It needs to use an air compressor as the power source, and match the actual air pressure and flow with the corresponding air compressor. Our garlic peeler machine is welcomed by an increasing number of global consumers. Our garlic peeling machine in Pakistan is one of our typical transaction examples.

Technical data of garlic peeling machine in Pakistan

garlic peeling machine

Machine material: 304 stainless steel

Power: 0.1 KW

Voltage:110v 220v-380V

Weight: 88kg

Size: 620*600*1300 mm

Production: 85-150 kg/h

Our customer from Pakistan is a garlic grower. Interested in the garlic processing business, he decided to purchase a garlic peeling machine to sell the peeled garlic to local distributors. After knowing about his requirement for the machine capacity, we recommend the TZ-300 to him and showed him the working video. With a comprehensive understanding of our machine quality and services, he placed an order soon. Now, the garlic peeling machine has been installed in Pakistan and works well. Our customer is very satisfied with the machine and sent us good feedback.

Pneumatic garlic peeling method VS soaked garlic peeling method

The traditional garlic peeling method requires a lot of manpower to soak it in water and rub it with the hands. This method will produce a pungent taste, and waste manpower, time, and water. In addition, the garlic peeling machine is washed with water and stirred with a rubber stick after blisters, and the damage rate of garlic is very large.

By using the pneumatic garlic peeling machine, the garlic cloves are not washed at all and are not subject to the collision and extrusion of the blade and machinery, so that the garlic cloves are naturally peeled, so the integrity of the garlic and the high peeling rate can be preserved.

peeled garlic cloves
peeled garlic cloves

New-design garlic peeling machine advantages

1. The garlic peeling machine in Pakistan has an integrated function. Through the control of electricity and airflow, the garlic feeding, peeling, and discharging can be completed automatically.

2. High removal rate is over 98%.

3. Simple operation, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.

4. The garlic cloves can be peeled together regardless of their size, and the garlic cloves and garlic skins are automatically separated.

5. Because the garlic head is not damaged, it can be stored for several days, and the peeled garlic is smooth and bright.

6. Energy saving, space-saving, and high production efficiency. The production volume of the garlic clove peeling machine will be related to the season, origin, garlic variety, and quality. The production capacity is about 40-300kg/hour.

How to operate the garlic peeler machine?

To operate the garlic peeling machine, firstly, the raw garlic is needed to be divided into cloves by hand or peeled by the garlic separating machine. Then, put the garlic cloves into the hopper of garlic peeling machine in Pakistan. When the air pressure reaches 0.8MPA, turn on the pneumatic power supply (knob switch), adjust the relay of the garlic peeling machine according to the size of the garlic clove, and control the length of time.