How does a commercial garlic peeler machine work?

Garlic peeling machine helps to peel garlic quickly. It is usually used with an air compressor. So how does a commercial garlic peeler machine work?

Commercial garlic peeler machine

Garlic is one of the indispensable condiments in life. Garlic peeling machines free people from the heavy, spicy environment of peeling garlic. The peeled garlic can be made into garlic paste, garlic flakes, garlic powder, and other products. Therefore, the garlic peeling machine occupies an important position in garlic processing. So, how does a commercial garlic peeler machine work?

Introduction of commercial garlic peeler machine

Garlic peeling machine adopts dry peeling method. Depending on the output, the machine can be divided into small and fully automatic garlic peeling machines. The peeling machine adopts the principle of pneumatic peeling. When peeling, it needs to be matched with an air compressor to generate an air source.

Garlic skin removal machine with air compressor
Garlic Skin Removal Machine With Air Compressor

How does the garlic peeling machine work?

The automatic garlic peeling machine connects to an air compressor, which is powered by the compressed air produced by the air compressor. The powerful cyclonic vortex created by the air compressor enters the machine to peel the garlic. It uses the principle of rotational mechanics to rapidly peel garlic. Manually throw the garlic into the commercial garlic peeler machine. The garlic is swirled and peeled through a cyclone. The peeled garlic flows out of the discharge port, while the garlic skin is blown to the other side.

Small commercial garlic peeler
Small Commercial Garlic Peeler

Garlic processing machines have broad application prospects

At present, garlic products in the international market are mainly raw materials and primary processed products. Primary garlic processing products are mainly garlic powder, garlic flakes, garlic paste, garlic rice, and so on. And for deep-processed products such as allicin, garlic oil, alliin, etc., the processing is less. Whether it is a primary processed product or a deep processed product, a garlic processing machine is required for a large amount of garlic processing. Such as restaurants, garlic processing plants, food processing plants, and other places. Therefore, garlic processing machines have very broad application scenarios.

Garlic deep processing products
Garlic Deep Processing Products

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