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Nowadays technology has been continuously improving. The harvest of garlic can also be done without labor. You can use the garlic harvester. Its appearance has brought the most useful help to the people. Of course, it is also very useful when it is used. Important, let’s take a look at its maintenance tips below:

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1, regardless of the size of the fault must be eliminated in time, in order to reduce the possibility of causing greater failure, and can ensure the normal operation of the garlic harvester;

2. If the equipment fails, it must be processed in time, which can also reduce and prevent the occurrence of faults;

3. In daily use, it is necessary to check it regularly to understand the operation status of the equipment. For the temporary failures, it must be handled in time. Remember not to delay the repair due to small failures and cause more failures.

4, must be in accordance with the maintenance procedures for the garlic harvester maintenance, this can also prevent failures.