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For the increasing demand for garlic, the number of farmers planting it is on the raise. Garlic harvester is very helpful to increase output and reduce the costs, because it not only harvests quickly, but also protect garlic’s original appearance. Thus it’s vital to learn how to store and maintain garlic harvester correctly.

The way to store and maintain garlic harvester are as follow:

1, garlic harvester should be placed in cool ventilated places, and outdoor storage is strictly prohibited.

2, after every harvester season:

1) soil and weeds on all parts of the garlic harvester should be removed and the technical status of each part should be checked  for necessary maintenance and adjustment.

2) lubricating grease should be added after checking the bearing parts of garlic harvester, .

3) anti rust oil should be applied to the scraper and transmission chain of the garlic harvester and transmission chain should be put  in engine oil.

4) triangle belt should be removed.

5)  garlic harvester frame should be supported to make sure the digger blade is off the ground.

3, each part should be kept carefully, no lost, nor substitute as other use.

  1. before or after each use, each part of the garlic harvester should be checked so as to timely eliminate problems occurring .

5, after each use, the weeds on the garlic harvester should be cleaned up  and loosened screws should be tightened.

6,the invalid V-belt  should be replaced in time.

7,choose original parts and capable repair factory if garlic harvester needs maintenance. .

8, long distance travel asks for trailer as transportation so as to avoid damaging the hydraulic pressure!

9, strictly prohibit drastic drop of harvesters so as to avoid damaging digging shovel!

10, Keep off and no touching the running parts.

11, strictly prohibit any debugging and maintenance when tractor does not flameout.

12, the product must be supported before maintenance for fear it fall.

13, regularly check and tighten loose screws!