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1. Check whether the rotating parts are flexible and firm.
2. Is the transmission chain too loose and other components normal?
3, oiling after daily work

Garlic 921
The delivery on site

4. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be taken care of to prevent rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion.
Excavate the garlic from the ground, or lay it out or mix it. Then use the manual to complete the follow-up agronomic link of garlic harvesting: 1. Shake off the soil; 2. Garnish the bag; 3. Move the garlic bag to the transportation vehicle; 4. Transport the garlic to the drying place. This kind of garlic harvester has a single function, which can save some physical strength and it is difficult to substantially improve labor productivity.
According to the statistics of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the global harvested area of garlic is 17.056 million mu and the output is 14.05 million tons. Among them, the harvested area of Chinese garlic is 95.59 million mu, and the output is 10.58 million tons, accounting for 75% of the world, involving more than 5 million garlic farmers. More than 90% of China’s garlic production is used for domestic sales and development of deep-processed garlic products, so the development and improvement of garlic harvesters is crucial