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The garlic harvester is mainly used for the mechanical equipment for underground garlic harvesting. Of course, it can also be used for the harvesting of peanuts and sweet potatoes. The use of the garlic harvester can greatly improve the efficiency of garlic harvesting. So what aspects of the process need to be frequently repaired during use?
What aspects of the garlic harvester need to be repaired after using for a period of time?
The garlic harvester should be inspected frequently during use, and some parts should be adjusted before use.

garlic harvester
garlic harvester

1. Adjust the depth limit wheel so that the machine does not damage the garlic when working.
2. Belt adjustment: Move the engine position so that the belt does not slip when the clutch is working.
3. Angle adjustment of the shovel blade: Before use, when the machine is placed horizontally, the blade is inclined by 10°-15° from the ground. Adjustment method: Loosen the eccentric vibrating rod lock nut and turn the lever to make the blade slope properly and lock the nut.
4. Dry friction plate clutch adjustment: If the clutch slips during operation, adjust the clutch wiring length to make the clutch friction plate in the best condition. Only after all the preparation work is done before use can the garlic harvesting work be carried out smoothly during the use.
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