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10 tips for garlic harvester machine

Garlic harvester machine shining in agriculture because of their high efficiency, but with them comes safety problems. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following safety issues when using the garlic harvester machine.

Notes for using the harvester:

  1. Before using the garlic harvester machine, the transportation and operation safety must be checked. In addition to the safety tips in the instructions, follow the basic safety rules.
  2. The warning and prompt board provided is to ensure safe use and ensure that you are in a safe state.
  3. Before the operation to be familiar with the operating instructions and control mechanism and its functions, when in use to familiar with will be too late.
  4. The operator should wear tight clothing, do not wear loose clothing.
  5. Avoid using fire to keep the machine clean.garlic harvester02
  6. 6.Look around (away from children) before operation, and make sure you have enough vision.
  7. It is not allowed to ride or stand on the machine during operation or transportation. Be especially careful when connecting or pulling off tractors. Place the support device in place (safely) when hanging or removing the garlic harvester machine.
  8. Use appropriate transport stops, traffic lights, warnings and safety guarantees. The release line used for fast connection should be placed in the appropriate position and should not release the fast connection device itself. Operators are not allowed to leave their seats during operation.
  9. Hook up the garlic harvester as required. Walking state, steering ability, and braking will be affected by the machines, trailers, and weight blocks to which they are attached. Only when all the protective devices are in place can the machine be put into operation.
  10. Place the equipment on the ground when leaving the operating range, turn off the engine and remove the ignition key.