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The design of garlic peeling machine equipment is in line with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction advocated by the state. Therefore, it has the factors of good quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It satisfies the requirements of agricultural equipment for agricultural equipment. The following is the overall equipment. The advantages are analyzed as follows.

The garlic peeling machine adopts a specially designed peeling principle. During the peeling process, the garlic cloves do not pass through the blade or the hardness friction, ensuring the integrity, freshness and pollution of the processed product. Moreover, the equipment used in the general market also has the functions of drying and peeling automatic operation, energy saving, high production and high efficiency, and convenient cleaning. The device is provided with automatic temperature control and automatic guiding device, and the garlic and garlic skin are automatically separated. The product meets the hygiene standards. In addition, because the garlic is not easily damaged, it can be stored for many days after peeling.

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The garlic peeling machine is designed to respond to the national concept of energy saving and emission reduction, so it has the factors of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and good quality. It satisfies the current agricultural agriculture machinery, high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and health. The safety requirements have greatly improved the production efficiency and the health index, which is nearly 10 times higher than the manual peeling. The breaking rate and the unbroken shell rate are less than or equal to 0% and 2%, and the shell breaking rate is 99.8%. Mechanized production directly reduces the possibility of workers touching garlic and avoids secondary pollution. The price of garlic has a strong seasonality. Insufficient market supply during the off-season can sometimes lead to disentanglement. The application of this equipment has largely solved this problem and satisfied the market demand for garlic.