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At the time when the garlic harvester had not been invented, in the season of harvesting garlic, the farmers used the most traditional artificial harvesting of garlic, because the manual was the only method at that time.
The general process of harvesting garlic by hand is:

garlic harvester
garlic harvester

1. Use a shovel to dig garlic from the ground and shake off the soil;
2. Use a knife to remove the fibrous roots and place them;
3. Cut the garlic straw with a knife and gather the garlic;
4. Garnish bags of garlic;
5. Move the garlic bag to the transportation vehicle;
6. Transport the garlic to the drying area. Therefore, the amount of garlic harvested per acre is very amazing, and the industry urgently needs mechanized harvest.
This manual operation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, greatly increasing the working hours of farmers, and the efficiency is extremely low, and the time cost is relatively high. If it encounters rainy weather, it is too late to harvest garlic, which will cause huge losses. The use of the garlic harvester will be very convenient, once to complete the agronomic links such as garlic excavation, soil removal, transportation, finishing, cutting, collecting, transshipment. Each harvest transports garlic back and forth to the farmer’s transportation vehicle.