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Nowadays, there are more and more food machinery in China. Many people don’t know how to pick out the food machinery and equipment that suits them best. Here is a brief introduction to what you need to pay attention to when choosing a garlic peeling machine:
1. What is the hourly output;
2. Whether the garlic that has been taken out is damaged or damaged;
3. Do you want to dry the garlic or soak it in water;
4. Is there any use of motor and peeling material to assist in peeling garlic or strong peeling with air compressor?
5. What voltage is used;

garlic peeling machine
garlic peeling machine

6. How much air compressor is used;
7. What is the price of the air compressor?
8, peeling garlic machine price;
9. How much power is consumed per hour.
The above is the precautions for purchasing garlic peeling machine, for reference only.