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Garlic splitting machine is a kind of processing equipment that does not need electricity, no water, and no need for maintenance. Its appearance completely replaces manual processing. In order to ensure the quality of work and work efficiency of the machine, it is necessary to understand the equipment before use. Some knowledge of the use, the only way to ensure the better use of the machine. So how much do you know about the common sense of the use of the garlic splitter? According to the problem, our manufacturer has made the following answers for everyone.

garlic splitting
garlic splitting

In use, put the garlic into the tube, push it back and forth with the palm of your hand, and listen for a few clicks for two to three seconds. The garlic and garlic skin are automatically separated, and the garlic is completely intact, and it is presented in front of you. It is easy to clean and fast, and it is easy to save trouble. Its speed is several times that of manual peeling of garlic, and the method of use is simple and convenient.

If the sound of the garlic splitter is not normal during the work, it means that a certain part of the garlic splitter has a problem. At this time, stop working immediately, check and repair it, and continue to use it after troubleshooting. Garlic peeling machine is very convenient and efficient.

The relevant content about the use of common knowledge of the garlic splitting machine is shared today, I hope to help you. If you still have any unclear places, you can contact our staff on our official website, or directly enter the message, our staff will answer all your questions in time.