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Garlic dehydration machine working principle and advantages

Garlic dehydration machine under normal circumstances, the body is a stainless steel chain plate, mesh belt or stainless steel punching. The ventilation rate is as high as 70%, and the heat flow is almost vertical through the material, so the heat exchange is fully. The air medium is divided into upper, middle and lower layers, which are respectively in contact with the material. The upper layer is the contact between the high-temperature airflow and the material with high moisture content, so that it can achieve the purpose of rapid dehydration. The middle layer is air flow at room temperature, which makes the material dry in the later stage. The lower layer is the air flow at room temperature, which reduces the material temperature through the material layer and recovers part of the heat, so as to meet the characteristic requirements of many food, industrial and farm material drying processes and ensure the quality of products.garlic drying machine01

Garlic dehydration machine product performance

  1. It can adjust air quantity, heating temperature, material residence time and heating speed, and achieve drying effect;
  2. Flexible equipment configuration, continuous feeding and unloading, easy to use;
  3. Multi-layer setting, high utilization of hot air and energy saving;
  4. Unique air inlet device makes the hot air distribution more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality;
  5. Due to the low temperature of materials, the equipment is completely closed, leaving only the necessary openings for entering and leaving materials, which has a good effect of moisture removal.