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The body is unstable. The vibration of the machine may be due to the inconsistent swing of the digging shovel on both sides of the garlic harvester, or the machine vibration may occur after the digging shovel collides. At this time, the vibration of the machine can be solved by adjusting the swing of the digging shovel on both sides, that is, by adjusting the length of the connecting rod. The connecting rod in front of the V-belt is responsible for the adjustment of the left digging shovel, and the connecting rod between the two vertical shafts is responsible for the adjustment of the right digging shovel. When adjusting, lift the garlic harvester off the ground, and let the tractor idle speed, loosen the connecting rod lock nut, adjust the corresponding connecting rod, pay attention to observe the swinging amplitude of the digging shovel on both sides, and remove the protective plates on both sides. It is advisable to adjust until the swing is consistent and then lock the nut.

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Unearthing is not good. It means that the garlic on the harvested soil is not shaken off. The reason is that the digging of the shovel into the soil is too deep and the swing strength is reduced. The length of the central rod of the Inner Mongolia garlic harvester can be adjusted to improve the depth of the digging shovel into the soil. Properly shorten the length of the central tie rod so that the rear end of the strip is 3 to 5 cm away from the ground, which can solve this failure.

The contents of the common faults of the garlic harvester are introduced here for the time being, and I hope to bring you some practical value. If you want to know more about garlic equipment, you are welcome to keep an eye on the latest developments on the website. We will occasionally present you with more exciting information.