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With the continuous development of mechanization of production, garlic harvesting machines play a very important role in the current agricultural production. In the process of using machinery, it is inevitable that some faults will occur, especially for some novice drivers. It is prone to failure.

1. The manufacturer should pay attention to the normal maintenance of mechanical equipment during the process of use. There are a lot of users who will delay the harvest time due to mechanical maintenance and do not pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. It is important to note that when assembling the transmission, care must be taken in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure that the transmission is in normal use during use.

Garlic harvester
Garlic harvester

2, should pay attention to strict adherence to the garlic harvesting machine maintenance system, we must first master the maintenance time, and then we must pay attention to the quality of the grease used in maintenance. Prompt handling of parts that require repair and replacement.

3, in accordance with the rules of the operation of the garlic harvester, in driving, we must master certain essentials, pay attention to the situation of large teeth when shifting, reduce the relatively large wear between the gears.

The above is about the problem that the novice should pay attention to avoid during the operation. I hope that the above contents about the garlic harvester can solve everyone’s problems.