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Garlic separating machine brings the actual convenience to the labors, and also creates the high economic income for them. However, a rather important issue often ignored, is the maintenance of garlic separating machine. The maintenance of garlic clove machine can effectively extend the service life of the machine and ensure its normal working efficiency. Therefore, users must be pay attention to the maintenance of the machine.

In the process of using the new-style garlic separating machine, it is very necessary to check it regularly. Parts missing is a very dangerous occasion.

Secondly, garlic separating machine should be maintained during operation. Although the equipment is durable and strong enough, it also needs to be paid attention to in actual use. If any part is found damaged, it should be replaced in time, so as to ensure the equipment can work normally for a long time.

Finally, the new garlic separating machine should be lubricated frequently, especially some key parts. Any failure should be promptly repaired, so as to extend the service life of the equipment.