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High efficiency of garlic peeling machine means great profits to you

with beautiful appearance, the garlic peeling machine also works well, which can works stably with many controllable buttons which equipped with various functions. Such as power switch, heating temperature controller, air blower, discharging time controller, peeling time controller and feeding time controller. The garlic peeling machine is truly a good helper for you to going on garlic processing business.

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The characteristic of garlic peeling machine:

garlic peeling machine  is use the power of compressed air to work, using the principle of special design for peeling, in the peeling process, protect garlic without blade and hardness of friction. The natural peeling process of garlic peeling machine, ensure garlic no damage, smooth surface, no pollution, through the electric, gas control the garlic guide material, peeling, discharging automatic complete.

The advantages of garlic peeling machine:

1, high degree of automation, one person can operate many sets;
2, work process without water, no pollution to the environment;
3, high threshing rate, low damage rate;
4, garlic peeling process, no limit with garlic clove size, no separation can be processed;
5, stable performance, utility, safety, convenient repair operation.