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How much money can electric commercial garlic peeling machine bring you?

Garlic is the indispensable condiment in human daily life. When cook fish, meat, fowl and vegetable, have the effect that goes fishy increase flavour, be in coleslaw especially, can increase flavour already, can disinfect again. With the in-depth study of garlic by scientists, its unique edible value, medicinal value and economic value have been gradually discovered, and garlic has gradually become a very popular product in the market.n v22c9e895d684146f7ab335d78dc92d9ca 750 0

Now, because the global demand for garlic is increasing year by year, the planting and processing of garlic industry is developing rapidly, correspondingly, a series of garlic production and processing machinery is also in constant innovation and development. In the processing of garlic, peeling is very important, because garlic has many layers of skin, artificial peeling time and effort. So many garlic farmers have chosen to use garlic peeling machine for garlic peeling. So, electric commercial garlic peeling machine in the end to the vast number of garlic farmers to bring how much revenue?

Working principle and advantages of electric garlic peeling machine:10149561

The garlic peeling machine manufactured by Shuliy machinery is made of carbon steel and stainless steel, driven by air compressor and controlled by electronics and pneumatic, which can automatically dry, guide, peel and output. The electric commercial garlic peeling machine adopts the latest technology and masters the international popular trend of the product, which is not only popular in China, but also in southeast Asia and neighboring countries.

Garlic peeling machine using pneumatic principle, in the work of the machine, do not need to remove the root of the garlic peel, also do not need to soak in water or washing. When the garlic cloves come out of the machine, the surface is smooth and undamaged.05 157886195

  1. Adopt automatic digital control, dry peeling.
  2. High degree of automation, one person can control multiple machines for production at the same time.
  3. No water is needed in the production process, which is environmentally friendly and sanitary.
  4. High peeling efficiency, fast speed and low failure rate.
  5. The peeling machine is not limited by the size of the garlic, so there is no need to spend time picking garlic manually.
  6. Garlic peeling machine is simple in operation, low in energy consumption, safe and efficient.

The electric commercial garlic peeling machine has the advantages of high automation, time-saving and labor saving, large output, reduced investment cost and increased income. If you are a garlic processing manufacturer, electric commercial garlic peelers are a great helper.