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Garlic peeling machine can better exert its value when it is used, and fully improve our work efficiency, so our agricultural production is also more convenient, then if we do not use it for a long time in winter Carry out maintenance?
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garlic peeling machine
garlic peeling machine
garlic peeling machine

1. When we are placing, we should ensure that the surrounding environment is very clean and tidy. If the environment of the garlic peeling machine is not clean, it will be easy to put in dust, especially the intake pipe should pay special attention to the maintenance seal, and the exhaust pipe should be clothed. Wrap it up, drain the water from the tank, and it will be properly placed.

2. Of course, if the garlic peeling machine is not used for a long time, its fuel tank is to be regularly maintained. Only in this way can the oil in the fuel tank be blocked from clogging the oil pipe.

3. We prevent it from being kept out of the house in a cool and ventilated environment. It will easily rust and the performance of our garlic peeling machine will be hindered.

4. Pay attention to the maintenance, it is best not to prevent other items together, especially chemical agents such as acid and alkali, which is easy to volatilize and damage the surface of the garlic peeling machine.

Garlic peeling machine must pay attention to reasonable preservation when carrying out winter preservation, and make relevant preservation records to prevent carelessness and damage to garlic peeling machine.