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The garlic peeling machine is a high-efficiency peeling machine. The garlic cloves can be peeled off without using water. The traditional garlic peeling method uses a large amount of manpower to soak the water and remove it with the hand. This way, the person who engages in peeling often cannot withstand the irritating taste of the garlic, and wastes manpower and time. The garlic peeling machine is washed with a rubber rod, and the garlic has a large damage rate, and the water consumption is large, causing water pollution, producing an unpleasant smell and being environmentally friendly.

garlic peeling machine 1

1. The garlic peeling machine adopts the special designed peeling principle. During the peeling process, the garlic clove does not pass through the blade and the hardness friction, so it can ensure the integrity, freshness and pollution of the processed product.
2, with drying, peeling automation consistent operation, and practical, power saving, small size, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate.
3, garlic peeling machine with automatic temperature control and automatic guiding device, garlic and garlic skin automatically separated, the product meets the sanitary standards, because the garlic is not easy to damage, it can be stored for many days