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Users who have used the garlic peeling machine know that the machine brings us a lot of convenience, but if the garlic peeling machine is used only once, without timely maintenance, it will bring some wear and damage to the garlic peeling machine. Affects normal work and causes certain losses. Therefore, we also need to maintain the garlic peeling machine while enjoying the garlic peeling machine. Here is how to maintain the garlic peeling machine.

garlic peeling machine
garlic peeling machine

First cut off the power supply before it can be repaired. After each use, it must be cleaned up in time, but do not spray with a spray pipe when cleaning. If it is loose, it needs to be adjusted in time, otherwise it will be easy to run off during use.
In addition, it is necessary to regularly fill the gears and sprocket of the garlic peeling machine. It is advisable to add 10 drops per time. The grease in the bearing can be added and replaced according to the usage. Calcium grease can be used for lubrication. fat.
If the garlic peeling machine does not sound properly at work, it means that a certain part of the garlic peeling machine has a problem. At this time, stop working immediately, check and repair it, and continue to use it after troubleshooting. Garlic peeling machine is very convenient and efficient.
Maintenance and maintenance is a work that must be done by any machine. Only maintenance and maintenance can ensure the service life of the garlic peeler to make it fully function.