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What should you pay attention to when lubricating the garlic harvester drive chain?

1. It should have better oiliness, so it can be firmly adsorbed on the inner and outer surfaces of the chain, so as not to be smashed by the centrifugal force of the chain, or squeezed by the load to break away from the friction node.

garlic harvester
garlic harvester

2. Better penetration ability, which can infiltrate the various frictional links of the human chain to form a boundary film and reduce wear.

3. Better anti-oxidation stability, so that the machine is in contact with air during operation, so as not to accelerate oxidation and form oxides.
The chain of the medicinal harvester should be lubricated wherever it is used. For low-speed chains for heavy equipment, open gear oil or grease can also be used.

When adding oil to the garlic harvester, you need to pay attention to it. Only by knowing more about the equipment can you let the equipment perform its best performance. Thank you for your support. Please contact us for more information.