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When the garlic peeling machine is working, we are paying attention to environmental protection. Therefore, reducing noise is also a kind of environmental protection. He can make our working environment more quiet and let our working environment change further. Then we use this kind of work.

How should the noise be reduced when the equipment is used?

garlic peeling
garlic peeling

1. First of all, we must design scientifically and rationally when designing garlic peeling. When manufacturing parts, we must ensure the production of parts more accurately, reduce errors and make the connection more safe.

2. When we use it, we must properly maintain the garlic peeling machine, increase its lubrication, make it run faster, and reduce the occurrence of garlic peeling machine failure.

3. In the work environment transformation, increase the sound insulation technology, so that our production becomes relatively independent. When the sound wall is installed around the wall or space, the sound waves will enter the surface of these materials and enter the sound absorbing material.

The pores, so that the noise will not spread to the outside world, reducing the vibration of the machine.

The garlic peeling machine can only create a more comfortable environment for us to reduce the noise, so that our production environment can be further optimized to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, so we must carry out some necessary transformations in the right way.