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How to solve the technical problem of garlic classifying machine ?

Aiming at the present situation of garlic production in decentralized operation in China, this article makes an in-depth study on several key technologies of garlic classifying machine , and recommends a practical garlic classifying machine to realize the size separation of garlic.

Garlic classifying machine01

Shuliy machinery designed a new kind of garlic classifying discharging device. The device can be directly installed in garlic automatic sorting machine roller conveyer, does not affect the garlic in the process of transportation and flip, in the process of classification in the master control system under the instruction of automatic sorting machine to complete garlic high-speed real-time classification discharge. The optimized design ensures that the whole unloading process has no obvious impact on garlic.

The actual operation test shows that the device can implement high-speed and smooth unloading of garlic with nearly one time difference in size. After unloading, the garlic has no obvious impact or damage, and the unloading process has no significant impact on the long-term storage performance of garlic.

It also fully shows that the garlic sorting function of Shuliy machinery can reliably complete the synchronization and coordination control of the garlic classifying machine, with good synchronization accuracy, configuration flexibility and extensibility.