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How the garlic peeling machine works

Garlic peeling machine is generally used in the deep processing of garlic. With compressed air as the power of production, garlic peeling machine generates strong cyclone swirl through multi-point air jet to make the garlic peeling naturally. Features of garlic peeling machine: high degree of automation, one person can operate several at the same time; The working process does not use water and does not pollute the environment. High removal rate of garlic; In the process of peeling garlic, the size of garlic cloves is not limited to processing without separation; Stable performance, practical, safe, easy to operate and maintain.


Precautions for use of garlic peeling machine

1. Make sure there is no foreign body stuck in the feeding port of the garlic peeling machine. Please connect the power and ground wire according to the power instructions on the label.

2. After the machine is used, please cut off the power supply before removing and cleaning the machine.

3. The machine should be placed in a stable place, and the machine with wheel should lock the caster.

4. The circuit part cannot be cleaned. Please pay attention to sharp parts such as cutter when removing and cleaning.

5. Please do not apply your hands to the machine while it is running