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The development of many industries in life is inseparable from professional garlic harvesting machines. Sometimes some inconspicuous factors can cause great gaps. Today we will learn about the maintenance knowledge of garlic harvesting machines and you. What are the procedures for sharing the garlic harvester?”

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Everyone is very familiar with the garlic harvester. No matter what equipment is used for maintenance and maintenance in daily use, it is very important to share the knowledge of maintenance and maintenance.
1. Disassemble and clean the various parts of the equipment one day before the work, and lubricate the bearing parts during the cleaning process to ensure the normal operation of the bearings;
2. When working in the ground, ensure that there are no large stones, obvious stones, etc. in the ground, to ensure that the equipment will not cause damage to gears and blades due to stones;
3. After the operation of the garlic harvester is completed, the dust on the equipment must be cleaned up and kept clean.
4. After the dust has been removed after use, the surface should be lubricated and placed in a dry environment.
I would like to share your knowledge about the maintenance and maintenance of the garlic harvester. Thank you for reading. If you need more