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1. Due to the high temperature in summer, the garlic harvester is prone to puncture. When the tire is inflated in the morning, it should be about 6% lower than the winter, and when the tire is inflated, it is about 3% lower than the winter.

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2. Always check the chain, bearing and transmission parts of the garlic harvester for sufficient oil, and make timely replenishment to prevent over-wearing and failure;
3, the summer temperature is high, the water tank is prone to lack of water, the motor will also have a fever phenomenon, if improper handling will cause the cylinder head to burst, so always check the water tank.
4. The faulty machine must be repaired at a regular repair site. When repairing on site, protective measures should also be taken to prevent the parts replaced during on-site repair from being contaminated by dust and other impurities before entering the machine. .
The above is the precautions for the garlic harvester’s summer work.