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The advent of the garlic harvester solves the problem of difficult harvesting for the growers. The harvester can be said to be the gospel of the growers. In order to make the harvester better serve us, we must first reduce the harvester maintenance rate and reduce the maintenance rate on a regular basis. Maintenance harvester..

garlic harvester
garlic harvester

First, we must pay attention to the correct way to carry out the cleaning of the harvester, according to strict requirements for cleaning, for equipment cleaning matters, let us know below.
1. The traditional garlic harvester cleaning method uses gasoline, diesel or kerosene to clean the grease and stains on the harvester. But this method is costly, unsafe, and harmful to the body.
2, can be cleaned with a metal cleaning agent, which is a new type of industrial washing, can be used to replace the gasoline, diesel or kerosene cleaning garlic harvester, and parts, fuel-efficient, safe, low-cost, clean, clean Good quality and good results.
3. It is strictly forbidden to use washing powder to clean the garlic harvesting machine. Because the stains on the equipment are mainly mineral oils and fats, and the household washing powder is very weak in degreasing, emulsifying and differentiation, it is difficult to remove the mineral oil in the garlic harvester, and it is difficult to protect the metal surface. Finish.