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  1. Avoid the mixed using of old oil and new oil: old oil contains substances with strong oxidability. After mixing new oil and old oil, the effect of new oil can be reduced. Because the poor performance of old oil in lubrication, it is easy to cause serious abrasion and emission of black smoke.
  2. Avoid excessive oil addition: when the oil level exceeds upper scale, the oil is inclined to enter the combustion chamber, which will make the exhaust pipe spray oil and emit blue smoke. This will not only increase the consumption of oil, but the incomplete combustion of oil will produce a large amount of carbon on the top of the piston and valve seat, then aggravate mechanical parts wear, and even cause the piston bite dead or damage.
  3. Add oil in time: if you do not add oil in time, will cause the low oil surface of oil sump, then resulting in excessive oil temperature and poor lubrication. More seriously, if the oil surface of the oil sump is lower than the lower scale, would make the oil filter of the oil collector exposed to the oil surface, make oil supply of the oil pump ceased, and cause serious accidents such as burning tile.

The drive chain of the garlic harvester plays an important role in the operation of the machine, so it is necessary to lubricate and