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1. The small garlic splitter should be placed on the ground. It must be grounded when it is used. When it is used, it should be turned on for 3-5 minutes, run counterclockwise to see if the part is normal or not, and all the normal conditions can be turned on.

garlic machine2
garlic separator machine1

2. If the material is automatically fed, the garlic can be evenly sent to the feeding port through the conveyor belt. If the material is manually fed, the garlic can be directly put into the material port to make it evenly enter, and the broken garlic skin is blown away by the fan. The peeled garlic cloves fall below (can be discharged or delivered through the conveyor belt).

3, according to the size of the garlic to adjust the four adjustment bolts without spring, if the garlic is large, you can adjust the adjustment bolt upward; if the garlic is small, you can adjust the adjustment bolt down. Adjust the four spring-loaded screws to adjust to control the quality of the splitting. The garlic cutting rate can be increased upwards. If the splitting is not good, you can lower it.

The above is the method of operation and use of the small garlic splitting machine. If you have any other questions, please contact us.