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(1) Conveyor belt: The conveyor belt on the garlic harvester has a mesh structure. This design not only makes the conveyor belt more durable but also effectively prevents the individual garlic from leaking out. The entire conveyor belt will not appear. Like the simple type of jumping teeth, garlic leakage, high failure rate.

garlic harvester
garlic harvester

(2) Eccentric block: The national patented product is screwed and easier to disassemble.
(3) Shaft and tug gear: use a reasonable key combination.
The garlic harvester has a vibrating screen, a front conveyor belt, a rear conveyor belt, a separation system, and a collecting device; the harvester is made of a manganese plate, a steel plate, etc., and the special parts and shafts are subjected to heat treatment.
I have introduced some of the above characteristics of the garlic harvester. I believe that you will want to order this equipment after watching it! Then call us today!