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The manufacture of the garlic splitting machine brings great convenience to the garlic processing industry, saving time and improving work efficiency.

garlic separator machine4
garlic separator machine1

1. Its conveying equipment is composed of a front high and a low transport wheel and a transport belt, and the mechanical splitting device comprises a split roller, a net flap roller and a split net;
2. The mechanical sensation equipment also includes a sensation screen and a crank linkage mechanism which are located under the de-fruiting device.
3. The branching device of the garlic splitting machine also includes the branching roller and the branching belt, which can effectively make the garlic falling into the soil easy to be picked up;
4. The collection equipment includes a collection of garlic buckets and a collection bucket, which can collect the selected garlic and the peeled skin.
The above is the main role of the garlic splitter. If you have any other questions, please contact us.