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As the name suggests, the garlic splitting machine can split the garlic, because if you only rely on labor to separate the garlic, the efficiency is very low, and you need to recruit a lot of artificial efficiency to keep up with the garlic. The valve is not the same, the machine can achieve the garlic flap operation with high efficiency. However, the machine still has errors. If left unchecked, the error will gradually increase and it will cause damage to the machine.

garlic machine2
garlic separator machine1

First, the structure of the garlic splitter is unreasonable to produce measurement error
In order to make the sensor of the device uniform, the center of gravity of the aggregate and the center of gravity of the hopper should be placed on a vertical line. The aggregate is not a homogeneous material, and the error in the design and manufacture of the bucket itself makes the theoretical center of gravity and the actual center of gravity do not coincide, resulting in errors in the unevenness of the three sensors. Therefore, the center of gravity of the hopper should not be biased and the hopper can be self-weighted to make the center of gravity of the aggregate and the center of gravity of the bucket in a line.
Second, the error caused by human factors
Most garlic splitters do not automatically correct the drop. In order to ensure the accuracy of the online garlic splitting machine, the drop difference of the material is generally artificially corrected, and the set value is subtracted from the drop value. After the drop value is set, there is an error between the actual drop and the set drop value due to the aggregate being dry or wet, or the impact when the loader is feeding. Therefore, in production, an error is artificially added to the initial value to offset the weight of the adherend. In production, the error setting value is generally reduced by adding a vibrator to the weighing hopper.
Third, the error of the stability and reliability of the components of the garlic splitting machine system itself
1. Due to the limitation of the measurement principle of the punching flowmeter, the measured medium must be measured under the specified flow, flow rate, temperature, pressure, medium stability and other conditions to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
2. The input/output relationship of belt transmission and the input/output of belt transmission also have hysteresis. The core component of the online weighing machine control is the Liaoning garlic sectional valve controller, which will cause the power supply voltage to be unstable. Zero drift, affecting measurement accuracy.